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Hilton's Experience

We are a specialty Mens and Ladies clothing store located in Wilson, NC. Hilton's offers handpicked clothing, shoes, and accessories from an extensive list of designers. Customer service is our top priority and we are sure to accommodate unique item requests, special orders, as well as custom sizing. We have an on-site seamstress who is available the same hours our store is open in order to provide perfectly tailored goods at no additional charge. Additionally, we offers tuxedo rentals and sales for your next big event, prom, or wedding. We strive to provide customers with up to date trends and styles, that exhibit exceptional quality.

Hilton's History

Hilton's was founded in 1989, thrived for years, and grown tremendously. At 23 years old, Walker Finklea purchased the business on February 1, 2018: a day she'll never forget. Walker graduated from NC State's College of Textiles in 2016 with a Bachelors in FTM: Fashion and Textile Management concentrating in Brand Marketing and Merchandising. Clearly, fashion has always been her top priority. She focused on the business end of fashion, and loved learning how the two successfully blended into one. After purchasing Hilton's, Walker's main goal was to keep the atmosphere and offerings of Hiltons the same, while also being able to put her touch on the business. She has enjoyed finding new designer lines to bring into the business, while keeping the well-known products and lines that customers are most familiar with. Being able to cater to both men's and ladies' fashion needs makes us unique in the marketplace.  

Walker's Words

My favorite part of this business is making my customer's happy. I want Hilton's to be a place that generations of families are able to come to shop and spend time together. A mother, father, son, daughter, grandchild, etc...all being able to shop in one closely-knit place. 

Thanks for trusting in us to enhance your wardrobe & as always thank you for shopping small! 

We hope to see you soon!

xoxo, Walker